Sunday, April 6, 2014

Euro Trip!

Hey Everyone!
So as most of you know, the beginning of my year didn't go so well for me.  I'm not sure what happened, but I know what didn't happen: I didn't have fun, I didn't land runs, and I didn't make the Olympics.  After the road to Sochi had ended for me, I went to California to heal and refresh both my mind and body.  After some weeks in the sun I felt a longing return for the mountains.  So I came back to the winter, and Aspen Open.  At Aspen Open I was still rattled, and lacking confidence, but began the process of getting my groove back ;)  I skied well but fell both runs in slope (a trend I was on) In halfpipe though I laid down a nice run and got 2!

After Aspen Open it was off to Europe!

I went to the SFR tour stop in Vars, down to Marseille, up to La Clusaz for the final of SFR tour slope, then over to Robin's house in Friburg Switzerland where Robin and his parents welcomed us warmly and we had a few amazing days of shredding, then it was over to Tignes, for the SFR Halfpipe Platinum stop, after that up to Paris where my mom's friend Sharon was amazing for welcoming us into her home!  After that it was down to 9 Queens in Italy! Then to round out the trip a few days in Venice!

It was a five week trip and kind of a lot for one blog post, so many pictures! I gotta admit I was going to post during my trip, but I was scared of jinxing it back into bad luck.  I know that is really silly, but a lot of things had not gone well for me recently, and I wanted to live this trip in the moment, not wondering how it was going to fit into a blog.

Anyways, it's more pictures then words, and I'm excited to now be sharing with you all a little perspective into my Euro trip!

I arrived in France with a lost bag and late.  Jamie Morrison, the legendary dad of Noah Morrison saved my Vars portion of the trip both by helping me with transportation and with lodging.  We went straight from the airport up to the Frostgun Invitation after party! Danced a lot, Slept a bit, drove forever, and ended up in Vars!
                                                    Packed Car!
                                         How many canadians does it take to read a map?

Vars was great!  I had an awesome time skiing and putting down tricks.  Unfotunately I was still in my non landing slump, and I fell both comp runs.  The day after though we spent a bluebird day filming then went down to Marseille.

In Marseille we packed about a weeks worth of adventures into two days!

 Notre Dame de la guarde.                                                           The Harbour

By the time I got to La Clusaz, I was so over expectations and nerves, instead I just skied.  I missed all of the training day, so had three runs before my comp. In the comp I laid down a mellow and stylish first run, which ended up being my highest scoring run and landed me in third place!  What I was most proud of though, was that second run I did my right rodeo 5 to left switch 5 mute.  It was the first time I had done a rodeo on the jump and the first time I hit the jump switch, and it was all in my comp run! I landed just about more runs in that day then I had the rest of season put together ;)

                                                    Katie and I just being swag ;)

After La Clusaz we went to Robin's house and his family welcomed us with open arms!  Robin's mom Monique especially went out of her way cooking us delicious meals, taking us to yoga, showing us the laundry and really just making us feel so comfortable and welcome!  I was so grateful to them for their hospitality!  Those few days we spent shredding Crans-Montana and Portes De Soleil were the exact sunny warm days I needed to start landing some tricks I was working on =)

In Tignes I met up with my little sister Jeanee!  We were rooming with Isabel and Zyre.  I had a great time in the pipe, and was really happy with both my runs and my place.  I was one spot out of finals in sixth.  So instead of skiing which would have been best, I got to relax, eat some free fondue, drink some spiced wine and enjoy the tremendous show!  SFR put on the best comps I have been to this year!  The announcer was so excited he really worked the crowd, and the french crowd knows how to party.  The pipe finals had flashing lights inbetween athletes, fireworks, dance music, and it really was an entertaining show!  I am DEFINATELY coming back to SFR. J'aime France!

Paris was amazing, and lived up to everything I had heard about it.  Jeanee Zyre and I had a blast dressing up nice and touring around the city of love.  (only we had no lovers so next year maybe we should get some)  anyways we went to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Lock Bridge, and Arc De Triomphe as well as just exploring the city and becoming Parisian Pros with the metro.

                                         Louvre Museum
                                          Mont Marte
                                                    Eiffel Tower
Lock Bridge
Arc De Triomphe

                                                         After Paris was 9 Queens!
                                                       One of the best weeks of the year!
                                                   Check it out! Nine Queens Facebook
                                                    "No shinanigans Jamie"
                                          Picture David Malacrida
 I wrecked my face a bit on a fall.  Didn't hurt too bad, but looked gruesome! Zombie!!!!!  I had to take the next day off as my eye swelled shut overnight, so I missed the comp day.  Luckily though I was fine the day after and did both sessions of the Heli Shoot!  More photos and videos coming from 9 Queens soon!

                                                            Picture David Malacrida

After 9 Queens I met back up with Jeanee, who had just come from grabbing 3rd place at Junior World Championships!!!!! and we went down to Venice, put on our black dresses, jumped on some boats, and took in the city of mystery.

                                                    My mask covered my black eye well!

Unfortunately we had a bag full of jewelry and vases and trays and cups we had bought in Venice and it got left on the boat dock =( 

And so that's it!  I have a million more photos, a black eye, a bruised hip, a happy heart, and a healthy body!  Can't wait to practice more of my French! je vu parle Francais avec vous!  and see you next time  Europe! I will definitely be back! Au revoir! Good bye! Arrivederci!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Adventure Days sandwiched NZ trips (NYC, IF3, Park City)

So, my last blog was the beginning of NZ,  and then there was no part 2.  I couldn't compete in Slope, so came home really frustrated and angry. I'm sorry to my family who had to put up with my terrible moods as we were painting the inside of our new house. Watching paint dry for 8 hours while ranting about how your ski career is moving along as slow as paint drying...... not a good combo.

Anyways lucky for them, me and and my dad and older sister Amy, I quickly jetted off to NYC!

                                                        Went to the Yankees game!

Empire State Building

Headed down to The Beach and my Childhood home in CT

                                                       The Broadway show Rock of Ages!

The Wax Museam!

Look at how real they look!

After NYC I headed up to the International Freeski Film Festival (IF3)

Shades of Winter!

Then I came back to Park City and Jeanee and I went to the Muse concert thanks to AMY!


Moose in front of our new house!

Cotton Candy Beard

Ramping in the SNOW!

                                                          THEN OFF TO NZ ROUND 2



Monday, August 19, 2013

NZ Winter Games arrival through Halfpipe World Cup

“Can you wake her up off the floor? We're landing now.” After a pretty good night sleep for an airplane with Jeanee and I taking turns one on the floor, and one taking the two seats we reached New Zealand!

immediately after landing we went it up to the go karts at the top of the mountain looking over Queenstown. The view is bomb and the go karts are awesome. Jeanee and I tried to go double so on e could steer and the other film, but they said I don't count as a child, and that you have to be only three feet tall to ride alone and I am above that height ;) so I had to hold the GoPro in one hand and steer with the other, which resulted with me almost tipping/hitting the wall, freezing my fingers, and eventually dropping the gopro, slamming on the breaks and causing a pile up. Seriously would have been way safer if they just let Jeanee and me go together.....always is

view from the top of go kart you can see the track and the view!

So the next day we showed up to pipe training at 11, cause we thought it started then, actually ended at 11, so I ran up the pipe and got 1 run, yolo there went training, so instead slid some rails, it was bomb.
The next day we hung around the lodge all day as training kept getting delayed and delayed due to fog, but not cancelled. That gave some quality lodge chillen and some catch up on all the ins and outs of life that occurred over the summer.

After those two very productive days we had one day of legit training that I actually showed up to on time. Spent time getting the rust out from not being in the pipe all spring/summer.

Jeanee and I went to opening ceremonies, and we got to ride in on the jet boats with NZ college students holding the flags of all the countries behind us, and then all the boats did simultanious 360's! SO MUCH FUN!

Next day was qualifiers. Showed up to fog, and a delayed start and girls ended up starting at 1:15. First run landed solid, but was rushed and missed my grabs. Was 15th after first run, cleaned up my tricks for second run and improved 9 points jumping up to 8 and qualifying for finals!

Yesterday was finals, and we showed up too.....FOG, worse fog then the day before, and a delay, turned out to be a pretty good delay as training was supposed to start at 9, we thought 10 and had arrived accordingly. Finally we did start training at about 11. Took 2 straight air runs, a run of spins, and went for my first ever 9 in the pipe. Brought it to my feet, but caught an edge and tomahawked. Went back up, did a run focusing on waiting and boosting on the five, went back and went for and landed the 9 hella stomped!!!!

For my comp run I did a run of both way fives, a flair and a 7. All grabbed, but unfortunately I scrubbed a bit on the flair and didn't have a good seven because of speed issues. We had to wait around all day until 2:45 when they finally officially cancelled second runs. I had wanted to do the 9 second run, but had to be content with the run I did and stoked that I left the mountain a better skier then I arrived.

I had two great days of comps for halfpipe. There were no head games, no nervous shaking, no excuses. I stayed calm through the slight technical mishaps of missing training, not being able to get into a pipe this spring or summer after I had been prior told I would be, and didn't let wanting to prove to people I can ski pipe, and knowing I can be better get in the way of me skiing the best I could given all circumstances, I had wanted to land a 9, went out in the flat light and did just that.

I am very happy and excited that I had such a great time competing pipe at the NZ winter games, and 7th at a platinum pipe event is the best result I have yet in pipe, so I'm stoked!

More to come real soon as we get on the slope course, go bungie jumping, and see how the slope comps shape up!

you can always check out all the info on the Facebook page and website for the winter games!

<3 MoCrazy